Exit light & Emergency Lighting

Exit light and emergency lighting are light fittings that have in-built batteries that are able to illuminate the light fitting for up to 90-minutes in the event of a complete mains power failure.

There are many different types of exit light and emergency lighting fittings available from many different manufacturers with lights ranging from neat discrete type that are suitable for hotels, motels and offices to larger size tube type and flood-light type for warehouses and factories.

Exit and emergency light systems are installed to provide a safe means of escape for personnel in buildings where there may be an interruption to artificial lighting where they may be working at night time or in areas that natural lighting is not available.

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They are available as either single point units that have their own in-built battery or central systems that utilise a common battery bank.

  • Exit light fittings are, in most cases placed above nominated exits which are doors that lead to the outside of a building.  Once outside of the building at a nominated exit this location must be able to provide the person with a clear escape from the building and not to a fully enclosed yard.
  • Exit lights are sometimes installed at locations where a passageway changes direction or in large offices where there are more than one door.
  • Exit lights must be illuminated at all times 24 hours 7 days per week.
  • Personal access doors are nominated exits – roller doors are not.
  • Stairwells must be provided with emergency lighting so that in the event of a complete mains power failure the stair treads are illuminated to prevent trips and slips.
  • Toilets and areas with floors that are likely to become wet, in particular areas where natural light is not available, should be provided with emergency lighting.
  • Workshops, garages and any work areas in which personnel are likely to be working at night time or if natural lighting is not available should be provided with emergency lighting to prevent trips and slips.

Exit and emergency lighting should be regularly inspected and tested in accordance with Australian Standard 2293.3.  These services should be provided every 6-months.

We are able to provide a survey of properties and make recommendations for the correct location of exit and emergency lighting and provide correct scheduled service to existing systems and prepare exit and emergency lighting registers.


Fire Retardant ABS UL LED Exit Sign with Running Man Legend

LED exit sign manufacturer

Sunwindled led exit sign manufacturers release new UL/SAA standard exit sign light,the detail as following:

Model No. Voltage Light Source AC power Battery Emergency Duration Material Color
SUN-9757 AC120V/277V 60Hz 12pcs LED  8W Ni-cd
≥3 hours Fire retardant ABS Housing Green

·UL924 standard, UL 94V-0 flame rating
·Single or double face configuration
·Longlife LED source
·Wall,side or ceiling mounting
·24 hours charging time
·Battery Overcharge protection
·Charging LED indicator and test button

Working temperature: -10ºC-40ºC
Working humidity:<90%
Used in Commercial/Residental areas

LED exit sign manufacturer
LED exit sign manufacturer