exit sign board manufacturers

Exit light & Emergency lighting is comprised of lights, illuminated exit signs and combination exit sign and lighting units. These have their own power supply which allows them to mark the way out of a building in an emergency.

led exit sign light
led exit sign light

Like fire extinguishers, emergency lighting is required to be mains power tested in accordance with Australian Standard 2293 for 90 minutes on battery back up every six months. If exit lights are not regularly tested on battery backup the battery packs and circuitry constantly receive a charge and never get the chance to be used and therefore overheat and failed in much the same way your car battery or cordless drill would if treated in the same manner.

Sunwindled Fire & Safety supply, install maintain exit and emergency lighting. We also carry an extensive selection of batteries, bulbs and replacement parts to keep your equipment working properly.

exit sign ceiling mount

This is the new SAA certification led exit light,ceiling mount,for Australia market,It is designed by sunwind exit sign manufacturers,with his own mold and test report by SAA.

exit sign ceiling mount
exit sign ceiling mount

exit light factory

exit light factory China manufacturer sunwindled release new exit light,with the feature as following:

exit light factory
exit light factory

1) Lamp-house power: 2W,3W LED
2) Installing type: walling,hanging
3) Emergency time:>120min

Description: Led emergency lights
Main body material:   rigid aluminum housing
Light source: LED
Illuminate: front lit/whole body lit
Power source: AC110V, AC220V
Operating power: DC12V
Consume: vary depending on the type of LED and size of the letters.
LED lifetime: >50,000 Hrs
Working temperature:  -10°C~+55°C
Average lifetime without any errors: >5,000 Hrs
Suited for: Outdoor or Indoor, waterproof, windproof
Supplied with: Voltage converter, installation instruction
Package: LED Emergency packing with cartons . Also may be packed per the customer requirements