emergency exit sign light

emergency exit sign light
emergency exit sign light
The installation height of the emergency exit sign light, indicating that the marking emergency exit sign light should be installed on the wall a meters below, the exit sign shall be installed at the top of the door frame at the exit.
Fire-fighting channel refers to the fire personnel to carry out rescue and trapped personnel evacuation channels. For example, there are fire-fighting lights on staircases and corridors. The function of fire-fighting channel plays an important role in all kinds of dangerous situations, so we cannot despise the fire channel.

ceiling mounted emergency exit sign light

It is popular emergency exit sign light as Europe style,designed for ceiling mounted,the header is made by Steel,the panel is
polycarbonate,green background,with white painting for door,address arrow and running man.

exit sign arrow up or down juno exit sign exit sign emergency light exit sign green

Model No.

Specification of Battery
Light Source
IP Rating
Emergency Time
Product Size(mm)
Emergency Mode
exit sign board
Steel body and



4.8V 0.8Ah Ni-Cd batteries

White LED


3 hours

410 x 135 x 260