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All commercial and industrial establishments need Exit light & Emergency Lighting installations. These signs & lighting systems serve the vital purpose of assisting people out of that property in the event of any type of emergency situation. While this may seem like a simple enough installation, the job is a specialised one. The light fixtures have to be reliable and well-illuminated to help the occupants of the building recognize them, and then head towards the exits without any delay, in case an emergency situation arises. When there are any unexpected calamities/problems, it’s important to have a solid back-up plan in place- it’s the one way to save precious lives.

emergency exit signs China
emergency exit signs China

Sunwindled is a company with extensive experience in the field and we are very well versed with all the rules & regulations that have to be followed while handling installation of Exit light & Emergency Lighting.  When we handle this job, we very meticulously follow all the legal requirements stated in the AS2293 and The Building Code of Australia. We adopt a highly customer-oriented and qualified approach to provide precise & safe emergency & exit lighting.  Our experts will provide consultation about how these systems have to be installed to be in line with the existing regulations.

Exit light & Emergency Lighting- ensuring proper working

The only way you can ensure that the emergency and exit lights are functioning properly in buildings such as offices, malls, schools and hospitals or any other private structures, is that they be regularly evaluated and tested. While these light installations are rarely ever used, it is crucial that they be maintained well. It’s only when they function well and are easily visible & accessible, that they will serve their purpose in case of any emergency situation.