1.5 hours emergency exit sign

This is new style of exit sign release by emergency exit sign manufacturer China factory,it have auto-test every 30days function,and auto test on full duration every 360 days.it use top maintenance-free Ni-Cd battery pack.you can only see just a running men run out of the door,it indicates that have door for exit.it can be changed the diffuser,will become another style,with arrow on left or right,or double side with it,please check the second one picture.The exit sign main feature as following:

emergency exit signemergency exit sign manufacturer

Input Voltage:3.0~3.3V
Light Source:LED
Emergency Time:≥90min
Operating Temperature: -10℃~55℃
Material:Aluminium profile
Dimention: 600×200×26mm
Conversion Time:<0.1s
Charge Time:24h
Structure types:double-sided
Battery: Nickel cadmium